There is no way you can tell much about leather from a picture. Even when it is in your hands the color of leather can look different under different conditions - lights, sun, shade etc. Therefore, these colors are approximate. There are also differences with each dye lot/batch. This is very nice, non-toxic, top full-grain leather that is portrayed the best I know how. 'Full grain leather' is by itself defining - it means that the leather has no finish on it. I have been using this leather since I first started doing leather work in 1972. It is called moccasin cowhide and it's very soft, strong, supple, and long lasting leather that is about 4 ounces in weight/thickness. 
 Like its name 'moccasin cowhide' implies, it is made for moccasin shoes, but at the place I purchase it from, it is sold mainly for chaps and consequently requires large clean sides. The Brown here is quite dark and can be hard to tell from Black - some people like it for that very reason - I do. Due to the fact that this leather, and the things I make from it, are very long lasting, I suggest to people that they select a darker color because it may look the nicest for the longest. However, this is not strictly the case because many like the look of burnished leather. If you would like, I will send you swatches of any particular color/s that you would like to see. There are other kinds of leather I can and do use. 
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Check out these links to the other braided leather goods that I make and read my guest book, on my home page, to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
 Colors of leathers used by Anderson Leather Braiding 
 American made/tanned leather 
 I continue to try to figure out the best way to portray the colors of these leathers. I don't believe there is a 'perfect' way and that is why I offer to mail swatches to folks that are interested in purchasing something. I'm also going to provide links to pictures using that color. This will happen only as I feel I have a better picture of the color. 
 Here is a bag made with Brown, Mahogany, and Walnut leather. 
 A vest made with a Rust body and Mahogany lacing 
 This braided leather strap was made using my five most popular colors - from darkest to lightest those colors are Brown, Mahogany, Rust, Chestnut, and another lighter color that I had on hand. 
 These thumbnails are clickable for larger views.