harley davidson road king leather luggage
harley davidson road king leather accessories braided
harley davidson road king leather accessories
harley davidson road king leather accessories
harley davidson braided leather windshield bags made in the USA with American made leather
 Anderson Leather Braiding 
 since 1972 
 David C. Anderson 
 1814 5th St. NE 
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 Harley Davidson Road King accessories of braided leather 
 Besides the tour bag, braided levers, tool kit, windshield bag and other braided accessories pictures of my work at Daytona Bike Week - I've braided duffel bags, handbags, vests, and more for this same couple from Texas. I met them at the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally. Wish I had pictues of everything I built for them. They bought this bike and replaced the seat with one made by Corbin. We then contacted Corbin and bought the same leather the seat is made with. I used forest green garment leather (to match the bike) for the braiding and inlays. The bike has at least five bags on it that I made for it - plus the braided levers. A tool kit I made is not on it in these pictures. I also braided around the tops of the chrome bars on the lids of the saddle bags the very day these pictures were taken. 
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 Check out these links to other braided leather things that I make and read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
motorcycle accessories harley davidson road king
harley davidson road king motorcycle accessories braided leather
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