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 braided leather - including pineapple knots 
 I have a lot of braided leather knots that I've made just lying around or in boxes. I'll have to find more of my leather braiding, that I have a decent picture of, to place on this page. Here are some leather covered wooden beads I made with 1/8" laces and what I call a pineapple knot - others call it a cowboy knot. This braided knot can be made to cover a ball, half ball, or cylinder. When building it you close the ends, or not, as much as you would like. I've used it to cover shift knobs on vehicles and other things such as the rock and golf ball below. Both are approximately actual size pictures. 
 To the right is a braided plait with a turkshead knot and loop for slipping the knot through. You can click on the picture to see an actual size picture of it that will open in a new browser window. 
 A small rock covered with a pineapple knot of 1/4" lace. I have done much largers ones. 
 A golf ball with 1/8" lace. 
braided leather pineapple knots over wooden beads
braided leather knot with loop
braided pineapple knot over a golf ball
pineapple knot covered rock
braided leather pineapple knot covered bottle
braided leather covered bottle
braided leather pineapple knot covered bottles
 braided leather covered bottles 
 If you click on any of the leather covered bottles below a larger picture of them will open in a new window. 
braided leather covered ring
 A leather covered brass ring about actual size of 1/8" lace. 
 braided leather watchbands 
 "I met Dave in the early 80's. One day Dave brought out this box with all kinds of leather stuff, that's when I first saw the watch band. 'How much for the band?' 'Oh... I'll never get what time I put into it.' So some more time passes, and I ask again. Dave could tell that I really enjoyed his leather braiding talent. He then told me 'I'll sell you the watch band for $30.00.' Almost 20 years have now passed and here is my watch band. I just save/wear it for special occasions now. Look at the braids on this watch band, nothing but pure talent. I knew that it took a lot of time to figure out, plus the labor he had into it. But he could tell that I really liked the band and knew I would take good care of it. So here it is for you to now enjoy." ...Toby Raboin 

braided leather watch bands
braided leather watch band
 braided leather hat band 
 braided leather belt 
braided leather belt
braided leather hat band
 These two pictures are all linked to larger ones. 
braided leather covered bottles
 Check out these links to other braided leather things that I make and read my guest book, on my home page, to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
braided leather
braided leather knots
leather covered bottles
braided leather watch bands
braided leather hat bands
braided leather pineapple knots
anderson leather braiding
knife handle covered with braided leather
 knife with a braided leather handle 
leather goods made in the USA using American made non-toxic leather
 Here are a couple of braided matts that I did. The one on the left was done with a single lace / thong. It's about 3" square. The one on the right is done with two laces / thongs. It's about 4" square. A friend of mine referred to them as puzzles - they were tricky to do. Both of these pictures are clickable for largers views. is a world wide forum for beginner to professional leather workers as well as buyers, suppliers, vendors, and more. 
 Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding by Bruce Grant
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