biker leather vest with braided seams, edges, etc. 
 The guy who ordered this Brown vest with Mahogany braiding wanted an extender for the zipper opposed to side extenders. I developed one that he was pleased with. Read his words about it below. 

 The seams and edges of this brown leather vest are braided with 1/4" lacing cut from the same leather that the vest parts were cut from. The large brass zipper (YKK #10) was hand sewn with 5 ply nylon thread. 

 Over the last 40 years, I've custom built hundreds of vests - you can see over 50 of them on my vests home page. While they are all braided, that's pretty much where their similarities end. After seeing the many features I can offer, folks contact me with their own ideas/designs and we discuss how I should build one for them. Each vest ends up truly being a unique, handmade, long lasting, one of a kind piece. 
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 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
handmade and custom made leather vests with braiding made in the USA using American made leather
braided leather vests that are custom and handmade in the USA using American made leathers
 Here is a clickable picture of the zipper extender that Tracey requested. It is the same color as the vest - bad lighting 
 This two tone brown moccasin cowhide leather vest has the extended back/bottom draft flap and a (YKK #10) zipper closure. It also has inside panel pockets.
 Here is what I built for a 'zipper extender' for this vest. It is the same color as the vest - just different lighting conditions.
 I recently had a zippered biker vest and zippered vest extender made by Dave. Having never met Dave, trying to size the vest over the internet and my high standards made me nervous, but I gave Dave a chance. Communication with Dave was great and he walked me through the process of sizing and picking out hide colors. To say I am happy with my vest is an understatement! The sizing came out perfect and the quality of the leather is top shelf. I have alot of Brothers who wear leather vests that cost as much if not more than mine and the quality of work and materials does not come close to Dave's. I get compliments on my vest everytime I wear it! With the holidays I was concerned about putting on a few extra pounds so I had to give Dave the ultimate challenge and ask him to make a zippered leather vest extension. I was surprised when Dave took the challenge, since I don't believe anyone makes them. Most folks split the sides and have laces put in. The extender Dave made me matches and fits my vest perfectly and is completely removable for warm weather wear. I asked for a 3" extender and Dave suggested a 1 1/2" extender. I am very glad I listened to Dave, Thanks Dave! If you are looking to purchase a top quality handmade custom vest, I suggest you give Dave a chance. You truly do get what you pay for and in this day and age that's unheard of ! 
 Thanks Dave! Tracey 
handmade and custom made leather vests with braiding made in the USA using American made leather
 On kind of a related subject, here is a picture of a 'vest extender' that I developed to use instead of 'lace up' sides. It only takes two short leather panels and four short laces. When sides are done this way, the vest front won't hang low, and the back won't rise, like seems to happen with many 'lace ups'. They also just feel more comfortable when done this way. home page of Anderson Leather Braiding
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