elk skin leather vest 
 The guy who ordered this vest supplied the elk skin for it. I suggest that it would be better if I used my moccasin cowhide leather for the 1/4" wide laces. They are much stronger than elk skin lacing would be, and would make the vest stronger in just the right places - the seams and edges. So, the seams. edges, shawl collar, and pockets are all braided with cowhide leather. 
 Over the last 40 years, I've custom built hundreds of vests - you can see over 50 of them on my vests home page. While they are all braided, that's pretty much where their similarities end. After seeing the many features I can offer, folks contact me with their own ideas/designs and we discuss how I should build one for them. Each vest ends up truly being a unique, handmade, long lasting, one of a kind piece. 
 This custom leather vest was fashioned after a vest that the buyer sent me. He also sent me the Elk skin to make it with. I decided to use my moccasin cowhide laces as that would make for a stronger vest. It has a shawl collar, two low hip pockets with two more matching hip pockets on the inside (four pockets in total).
the back of this elkskin leather vest
the shawl collar of this elkskin vest
the back of the collar
an enlarged view of the pocket pocket
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