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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2000 
 August 17, 2000 - I have just returned from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2000, officially the Black Hills Motor Classic, where I go to Trevinos Leathers in Deadwood. What a good time it was once again. It can not be explained to someone who has not been there how it is to see so many bikes in the hills. The counts I've read have said from 400,000 to 600,000 to 900,000 to 1.2 million people were there. The KSKY traffic helicopter opened broadcast one morning "Everyone can expect traffic delays everywhere today" And busy it was. I counted 115 bikes in our yard one time. Needless to say the shop was full. 
   I have a lot of fun braiding handbags, brake and clutch levers (got to have an awning next year), arm and ankle bracelets, keychain fobs, and knots for lots of places on bikes and to attach or fasten a variety of things. It's nice when you can do things to cover a blemish on a bike. 
   Thanks for the time to: Rhea, Betty, Leah, Eli, Bonnie, Cricket, Shawna, Teresa, Warren, Fred, Les, Shiela, Chuck and Bonnie and crew at Wild Bills, Larry and Carol and Greg at 385RallyPark, Bryce and the crew at the kitchen (that won't deliver) at Hidden Valley, Jo-Jo and Betty (I wish you health), Loren and Kathy, the dozen or so from the Bemidji area that stayed with us including: (Jason, Frank, Rod, Dave and Joanie, Tom and Donna, Tony and Wendy, To Betsy and crew from the "Moonshine Gulch Saloon" in Rochford (our annual after-rally day spot which happened to coincide with my 50th b-day this year), cousin Connie, Munch and friend (nice creek, huh?), Bill and Nancy (who got married in Sturgis), Fred and Jeanie, Tim and Marie, Laurie and Jay from Colorado, Steve from Colorado, John, Riley, Jim, Charles, (and Kathy and Robert) from SD, Mike and Mike from New Orleans (It sure got windy-78 mph-blew the roof off a big motel in Spearfish and toppled a dozen planes), and many more whose names I do not remember (or may not know) but may add later.
   Also there are a few people I had hoped to see but did not for one reason or another including: Sturg from KC (I got your greeting), Slick, BJ and Skull from Chicago, Doug (wish you well), Tor, and Jim.
   I also want to add my condolences to the people and families whose lives were affected by tragedy during the rally. The last I heard (late August) there were 10 deaths with four more still in criticle condition. Who knows how many injuries occured. We had our second accident in as many years right in front of the shop. A doctor (who I was talking to at the time) rushed to the woman as well as another woman who yelled "I'm a nurse-Don't move her" Both stayed with the victum until medical personal arrived. The doctor later told me she would be fine. I'm not use to sirens and there seemed to be one most days. With the medical helicopter following at times. While these numbers are not high, they are bothersome. ...Dave 
 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Daytona Bike Week 
 In this picture you can't really even see that this is a log cabin and I do not remember seeing the yard this empty very often. I'll get a better picture of Trevinos leather shop to post here. 
 Daytona Bike Week 2001 
 Rhea Trevino, daughter- Leah Trevino, and I went this year. It was the 11th time (since 1991) Trevino's have set up at Gilly's Pub 44 in New Smyrna Beach, FL. The 7th time (since 1995) I've been with them. Thanks to Bob and Kitty for accomodating us. 

 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2001 
 I just got back from the rally and I had a good time once again. Thanks to all who contributed to it. One good thing I heard about was the 1999 accident in front of the shop. The woman involved came in the shop before the rally started and reported not only that she was okay but that while hospitalized doctors had detected a tumor on her lung. She figured the accident subsequently saved her life. 
 Another neat thing was a mans gold ring with four diamonds was found in the parking lot. We put it in the till hoping someone would say one was missing. The next day a couple was retracing the path they had taken the day before hoping to find the ring. Looking in places where the guy had removed his gloves. After checking the places he'd been around the yard, he asked inside and his ring was returned. We were all delighted. 

Daytona Bike Week 2002 
 I had attended bike week for the past seven years, but this year I did not go. I did enjoy being home during it though. It's grueling being open for up to 16 hours a day (10AM to 2AM). I'm sure Rhea will be attending Daytona Bike Week 2003 due to Harley Davidsons anniversary, but after that, I'm not sure if he'll still do it or not. Maybe he'll go for the ride then instead of for business. 

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2002 
 Once again I had a very good time at the rally. Our concerns about how the road would be because of the construction were for naught. Although construction was only partially done, we did have a layer of pavement and it was fine. At least during the rally. The road was again scheduled to be closed completely, for awhile, right after the rally. The 6 miles to Deadwood is going to be a lot longer detoured ride for quite a while. 
 In late June and early July the Trevinos were evacuated, due to forest fires, for almost a week. There were bans on all open fires throughout the state of South Dakota this year. Our concerns about the high fire danger during the rally were alleviated as we had rain during the rally. In fact there was enough rain in Deadwood while we were there to cause mud slides. I heard about one casino with mud inside it that was waist deep. The hospital was very close to having to be evacuated for these mud slides too. Even with the rain, the fire danger did remain high as conditions throughout the state remained very dry. 
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