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  I did this custom leather Corvette interior with leather braiding for my friend Doug. It's a 1977 coupe. I did the bucket seats, door panels, dash, and window moldings, T top, visors, steering wheel cover and a few other accessories. I haven't seen it in a long time, but, I fondly remember getting to drive it. The owner use to come to Bemidji for a week-end and he'd swap cars with me while he was here. I wouldn't mind going for a spin in it again. We worked on this together. These pictures were taken on at least two different occasions and, in some of them, my work is not as far along as in others. This is the same Doug that owns some nice braided leather duffel bags that I made.  
 Notice the leather side molding that the seat belt attaches to, behind the seat, in the picture below. That piece is very long and has indentations that the leather nicely formed to. I notice that the back window molding is not yet done in this picture - it too was covered with leather. I like this picture though. It shows my braidwork so well. 
 The picture below shows a piece of the original flesh colored counsel top. The whole interior was that color. This panel has been replaced with a nice wooden one that is shown in another picture below. 
 The leather covered Corvette T-bar is shown below. 
 The steering wheel cover is shown below. There are four braided knots on it and a laced splice on the back of it. 
 Below, the dash pocket. 
 Another thing I notice not finished on some of these pictures are the door handles. In a picture above the wood grain on the door panels is finished. This whole leather car interior looks even nicer now that it is completed. 
 Corvette custom leather interior using braided leather seams 
 There are more pictures of another set of bucket seats that I have on my trike motorcycles accessories page. Click the link button below to see them. 
trike motorcycles accessories using custom braided leather
custom leather bucket seat covers for a customized corvette interior using braided leather construction.
custom leather car interior using braided leather made in the USA of American made leathers
corvette custom leather interior with braided leather bucket seat covers, leather door panels, dash panel, window moldings, floor counsel and more.
corvette door panel custom made using a braided leather construction method
pictures of corvette custom leather interior with braided leather seat covers and leather covered door panels.
customized corvette leather interior using braided leather throughout including on this dash pocket
leather steering wheel cover and braided leather interior
 corvette custom leather accessories - braided leather panel pocket
customized T-bar for a corvette braided leather interior
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  Check out these links to other braided leather things that I make and also read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers that they have purchased from me. 
custom leather interior including bucket seats in a corvette interior made in the USA with American made leather
custom leather car seat covers using braided leather to construct
 These customized leather bucket seats are very durable. I used moccasin leather cowhide to do the whole interior using my braided construction. 
 The picture below shows the steering wheel cover and the shade visor. 
 made in the U.S.A. with American made leather 
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