This trike has custom leather automoblie seat covers, interior, roll bar duffel bag, and steering wheel cover, as well as other accessories. home page of Anderson Leather Braiding
 There are good pictures of more car bucket seats on my 'Corvette leather interior page. 
trike motorcycles accessories
motorcycle trikes accessories
 Anderson Leather Braiding 
 since 1972 
 David C. Anderson 
 1814 5th St. NE 
 Bemidji, Minnesota 56601 
 Telephone: (218) 751-0445 
 or my ISP address 
 trike motorcycle accessories using braided leather 
motorcycle leathers
 I finally heard from the owner of this trike, Jeff Narveson, again and got some new pictures of it. Here's a bit of what he had to say. "Hello Dave, I had the trike in the World of Wheels in April of this year. I won first in class and the 'street achievement award for design and creativity'. Many thanks to you for your seats, dash, side panels, steering wheel, and roll bar satchel. Dave, your leatherwork was the hit of the show. More people commented about your work than you would believe. Your friend, Jeff" 
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trike motorcycle leather accessories
leather steering wheel covers
leather steering wheel cover
truck seats custom leather braided
custom leather interior accessories
motorcycle trike leather accessories
custom leather car seats for trike
 He gave me this for contacting him: 
 Jeff Narveson 
 7804 Grinnel Way 
 Lakeville, MN 55044 
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trike motorcycle accessories
motorcycle trike accessories
trike motorcycle accessories
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