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 A lot of the leather duffels I make are a version of the ones in this black and white photo. I now usually add a yoke, similar to the ones I put on the back of the vests I make, across each side about a third of the way down that adds a nice touch. The large one is approximately 12" dia. x 24" long and the small one is 10" dia. x 18" long. These can be made about any size and prices vary depending on size, number of pockets, etc. 
 Here's a couple of custom leather duffel bags I made for my friend Doug. Nice, very durable braided leather accessories with lots of pockets. 
 Below is a nice camera bag I made for a guys camera and gear. 
 I have made a lot of duffelbags in various shapes, sizes, colors, weights of leather, etc. 
 I like the shape of the bags above. They look nice whether they are full or not so full. The black one has a shoulder strap that is attached to the handles. I also make a purse, shown on the purses and handbags page, that is this shape. The two saddle bags below were made the size of my small roll button purse. I've also made them larger. 
leather camera bag
handmade leather duffelbags
leather duffelbags
leather motorcycle luggage
handmade leather duffelbags
leather saddlebags
leather saddlebags
leather duffel bags, large and small, braided, custom, handmade
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 Check out these links to other braided leather things that I make and read my guest book, on my home page, to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
leather accessories handmade and braided
custom leather duffel bags, handmade and braided
leather portfolio, belt pouch, and shaving kit
 Here's a portfolio, belt pouch, and shaving kit that I make. 
leather accessories handmade and braided duffel bags, camera bags, portfolios, shaving kits, belt pouches, saddlebags and more
 This first duffel is one I made for some long time customers who gave me permission to pretty much build them what I wanted - since then I've now made others. I used what I informally have called a shaving kit style pattern. It has handles as well as a shoulder strap. It has a large brass zipper like I use most all of the time. If you click on the picture there are more views and a longer description of it. It's dimensions are 20" by 12" by 12". 
leather duffel bags made in the USA with American made moccasin cowhide leather
a handmade leather portfolio made using braided leather
handmade leather portfolio's built using braided leather construction
leather portfolio hand madeusing moccasin cowhide
 Here is a leather portfolio that I have made in many different sizes. This particular one is about 16"wide x 11" high allowing it to hold legal sized folders. The extra width at the bottom of it does really not look this way while it use - that width allows it to hold more. The zipper used is a #10 YKK brass zipper that is strong and long lasting. 
 Here are some duffel bag sets that I built for a couple from Texas. The two larger duffel bags are, like the bag above, 20" by 12" by 12". The two smaller zip kit bags are 12" long by 6' wide by 5" high. Other than the large brass zippers - all of these bags are 100% moccasin cowhide leather. None of them have any inside pockets, however, the larger ones would certainly accomodate that. 
braided soft leather bags
duffel bag sets
leather duffel bags made in the USA with American made moccasin cowhide leather
 All of these thumbnail pictures are linked to larger images. The picture below on the right was taken above the opened duffel bag - looking down into it. I like how this style opens wide when the zipper extends over the ends a few inches. 
 This bag is similar to the styles above except smaller - 20" by 12" by 6". It has the two large three dimensional pockets with flaps on the front and a pocket on each end that the shoulder strap is attched to. The two bottom pictures are of it flat on a table with nothing in it. 
leather duffel bags made in the USA with American made moccasin cowhide leather
 A backpack that I built using the maximum use of gathered seams. 
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