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braided motorcycle levers
braided leather motorcycle levers
hand braided motorcycle lever covers done with a single lace
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 I have been getting more and more people sending me their levers to braid. I offer a quick return of them and the mailing time has regularly only been 2 or 3 days to either coast. I live in Minnesota. 
 These lever covers are made with just one lace with the two ends hanging. Technically it's not even a braid - it's a knot. It's built by leaving a tail and wrapping the lace up and down the lever, then up and down again, the last time down you do the over/under tucking. Below is another picture of the same braid, different lever. 
 These braided motorcycle lever covers are very nice and hassle free. When I first build them they look nice, and after just a few uses, the braid relaxes and they look even better. Besides braiding them out of my home in Bemidji, Minnesota, I also use to do many of them when I'd go to Trevinos Leathers of Deadwood, South Dakota during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. There I'd go to the bike and do them in just a short time on the spot. I get $90.00 a pair to do them - that price includes USPS Priority Mailing to U.S. destinations. 

 When sending your levers to me, package them in a small cardboard box - I once had a bubble wrap envelope arrive empty - the levers had broken through. 

 Check out these links to other braided leather things that I make and read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
hand braided leather lever covers
motorcycle levers braided with leather
braided leather motorcycle lever covers
motorcycle leathers - custom handmade and braided
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