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 A couple of things I've done to levers. The one I most often make is on my braided motorcycle levers page. I've also braided over the cables on bikes. 
 leather motorcycle accessories - Harley Davidson saddlebags 
 I've braided leather saddle bags that are a lot nicer than the ones shown here. I just didn't get a picture of them. If you look at my overall work on other pages you can probably figure out just how nice they could be. When I made these I was copying what someone already had - and wanted in a different color to match his seat. In my opinion, If I could of just added my braidwork to the flap edges these would of looked a lot nicer. This guy had never seen my work and I only spoke to him over the telephone. He knew what he wanted and it didn't include braiding. 
 The guy bought a new Harley and then replaced its seat with one made by Corbin. What he wanted was to replace the Harley Davidson saddle bags to match the seat. He sent me this picture of his Corbin seat. I then got in touch with Corbin to get the same leather, and cowskin, the seat was made of. I had to bond the upholstery leather to another piece of rigid belt leather to make the bags rigid. I tore apart his original saddlebags to reuse the plastic back molded piece and some hardware. Talk about getting myself into doing something I should not of, here it was. They did turn out nice and the guy was pleased. 
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 I did not make this seat/saddle, but I did make the saddlebags to match it. 
motorcycle spark plug wires covered with braided leather
 I have braided spark plug wires quite a few times now but still haven't settled on a best way to do it yet. That is a plus for the person I'm doing it for because I end up doing a more complicated braid than I should. The two wires below appear alike but they are actually braided different from each other. The small plug wire is made of one continuous lace and its two ends extend at one end. The longer wire is made with two laces that are halved. I then begin braiding it at the spark plug end and finish with a braided knot. I've also used a few other ways to finish them off.
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 Check out these links to other braided leather things that I make and read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
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