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 leather braiding by Dave Anderson 
 since 1972 
 Hello everybody! My name is Dave Anderson -   Welcome to my braided leather web site. 
  Anderson Leather Braiding is a one person show - I am the owner/ operator/ leather worker/ web site builder/ floor sweeper/ etc. of it. :)  I have been braiding leather goods in Northern Minnesota since 1972. Everything on this website is handmade in the USA (by me) and all of the leather used is non-toxic and tanned/made in the USA.  I build a variety of things, but certainly not everything/anything. Everything in here is truly handmade, no electricity is used in its construction. Patterns that I have designed are laid out and traced, holes are punched one at a time, laces are cut and then it is braided together. Any sewing used is done by hand. Handbags and vests have been my "bread and butter" over the years. Initially, I sold my goods at art fairs, then to craft shops, but, now I do mostly custom work through this web site. 
 Nothing in here has a lining. These products are very durable and would far outlast most any lining I would put in them, so I have never felt the need to line them. 
 The pictures are of projects that I have made for other people and have collected over the years. They cover only a fraction of the things that I have built. Perhaps they'll be a seed for something you'd like made. 
 I encourage you to take a look at my guest book entries and read some of my customers' comments about my work and the leather that I use - some comment about pieces they've owned for over thirty years. 
  If you have any questions or you would like to order something you can email me.at:
dave@andersonleather.com or andlea@paulbunya.net
 I encourage personal checks or money orders. If necessary, I can also accept Visa/Master Card, Discover & American Express via PayPal. 
 My home/shop address and telephone number are at the bottom of each page. 
 I thank everyone for their visit.  ...Dave 
David at his computer
 Dave - at his computer 
handmade and custom leather purses and handbags braided
 leather purses and handbags 
 custom and handmade braided leather purses / handbags, totes, vests, and more 
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handmade and custom leather vests made with braiding
 braided leather vests 
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 Anderson Leather Braiding 
 since 1972 

 David C. Anderson 
 1814 5th St. NE 
 Bemidji, Minnesota USA 56601 
 Telephone: (218) 751-0445 
 or my ISP andlea@paulbunyan.net