leather accessories including portfolios, belt pouches, shaving kits handmade with braided leather seams
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leather duffel bags, braided, custom and handmade
braided leather handbags, large and small, using braided leather with one or more pockets
leather purses, large and small, braided, custom and handmade in the USA
leather tote bags, large and small, custom, handmade, braided
purses that are braided and have long braided leather shoulder straps and zipper closures
custom and handmade leather handbags with braided appliques on the flaps
 Pictures of handmade leather handbags that I have designed and been custom building for over 45 years. Back in the 1970's these pictures were used to make a small catalog. Like everything that I make, they are all truly handmade - without the use of electricity. 
 The bags below have evolved since these pictures were taken. More recent variations of them can be seen on my purses and handbags page. I have learned to make them more suitable to more people. The zippers on the smaller ones are long enough to fit a checkbook into. I now gather seams on the bottoms of the two designs on the left - to give them more room. 
 A leather portfolio, belt pouch, and a shaving kit - or what I call a 'zip kit' because it can be used for so much more than shaving. 
 I like to empty my pockets into one of these zip/shaving kits when I'm on the road. I have some friends that use them for insulin kits. 
 The portfolios I make in various sizes. Most of them being legal size - larger than the one shown here. 
 braided leather goods designed and built years ago 
pictures of braided leather handbags and purses, hand made in the USA using American made leathers
 leather duffel bags - click the pictures to see my leather duffelbags page 
 leather tote bags, large and small
 check out my leather tote bags page 
 Several of these braided leather handbags are featured on other pages that can be accessed from my purses and handbags home page. 
western style accessories made using braided leather for it's construction including purses and handbags - all custom and handmade

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 I encourage you to read my guest book to see what others have said about the leathers they have purchased from me. 
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