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handcrafted shoulder bags custom made using braided leather including an eight strand strap and large brass zippers.
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 I have made many different kinds and sizes of leather clutch purses. Lots of them have been similar to the ones on this page. All of the ones on this page have wrist straps. Often, I've built them with shoulder straps of various lengths. I've also put various small appliques on them. 
 The leather used is full grain 4 oz. moccasin cowhide. It's soft, supple, and very durable. Their long brass (#10 YKK) brass zippers are very strong. 

 This leather clutch purse is completely made with a braided construction ...such as its main seam, the top of the pocket, and the wrist strap with tassels hanging from it. It has a large brass zipper closure with a leather strap fastened to the tab/slide. It's about 9" wide by 6" high.
 Here it sits in front of a ruler to show its size.
 This side view shows how it is built with the back gathered to the front to give it dimension.
 Here is the back side of it.
 This picture shows the strap fastened with the tassels hanging.
 It's always nice to hear from a pleased customer. :) 
 Thank you so much...I received the package last night.  This is without compare the most beautiful bag I have ever seen.  Absolutely perfect.  Exactly what I wanted.  Thank you!! -Nikki 

 This picture is of a leather clutch purse constructed with 1/4" laces cut from the 4 oz. moccasin cowhide that it is made with. It is braided around its seam, across the front pocket, and its strap with tassels. The large zippered closure is hand sewn with 5 ply nylon thread and has a long strap fastened to its tab/slider.
 The clutch, very similar to the one at the left, has a long zippered shoulder strap with quite long tassels hanging from it.
 Here are pictures of two larger clutch purses than the one above. They are about 12" wide by 7" high. The one on the left has a wrist strap and the one on the right has a shoulder strap. 
 This is a picture of a Black clutch purse similar to the others on this page.
 Here is a picture of this clutch purse lying on its back showing how the back gathers to the front for dimension.
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 These two pictures are of the same Black clutch purse. It's also about 12" wide by 7" high. It has the front pocket and a wrist strap. The picture of it lying down is to show how it gathers for dimension. 
 These four pictures are of the same bag as above and are clickable for larger views.